Casinos That Have Made History

Games of chance, in one form or another, have been around pretty much since the beginning of time and can be found in virtually every human civilization. When a change occurred and a tangible industry began to develop, somewhere around the sixteen hundreds, starting first in Europe and moving over to the rest of the world, the word casino began to mean something specific. A variation of the word was first associated, in Italy, with any establishment that involved entertainment, but later, as casino games grew in popularity, the word casino became exclusively linked to a house of gambling.

Since then, tens of thousands of casinos have popped up around the world, and from as far back as the eighteen hundreds there has been a tradition of spectacle, grandeur and one-upmanship. This led to a string of casinos boasting that they were the biggest and best, soon to be outdone by another casino somewhere else pushing them into second place. This means that many casinos have made history, and here is a look at just a few of them.

Biggest Casino In The World

Given the reputation of Les Vegas, when asked most assume that it must be home to the biggest casino in the world. That assumption however, would be incorrect. Although Las Vegas is home to the MGM Grand, which is certainly no slouch in the size department, The Venetian Macao is the current largest casino in the world and is located in China.

The Venetian Macao is so big that the sight of it can only make the mind reel in disbelief. It is a thirty nine-story monstrosity so large that a person is literally at risk of getting lost within its corridors. Some guests even report that they experience moments of panic, fearing that they may never find their hotel rooms again. Lucky for them, and luckilyy for all guests, hotel staff are extra vigilant, and lost guests are quickly pointed in the right direction.

Interestingly, most of the largest casinos in the world are found in China, although owned by Americans. Some of the other top ten biggest casinos in the world include the Foxwoods Resorts Casino, located in Connecticut and the United States and the Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, Australia. It is not just size, however, that can put a casino in the history books.

Biggest Casino Wins

What is a casino if not a place where people can win enormous sums of money, changing their life in an instant? China may have the biggest casinos in the world, but it is Las Vegas Casinos that hold the records for biggest jackpot wins in history.

The Excalibur Casino is known for paying out a jackpot amount of thirty nine million dollars, the biggest jackpot ever, to a software engineer who entered the casino with just $100 in his pocket.
The second biggest win – thirty four million dollars – was paid out by the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino to a cocktail waitress. This casino is sadly out of business now, although no one has ever mentioned if it was due to having to pay out this whopping amount.

Another Las Vegas casino worth mentioning, Binion’s Horseshoe Casino, paid out a jackpot of $1.5 million in 1980. But it was not the amount that put the establishment into the history books, but rather the fashion in which the money was won. The Suitcase Man, William Lee Bergstrom, walked into the casino with two briefcases. In one was seven hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars, in the other was nothing. He put the whole amount on the ‘don’t pass’ bet at a Craps table, won, doubled his money, and left with two full briefcases!