Casinos Of The Future

It’s no secret that the world of gambling is changing rapidly. With online gambling becoming the new norm, and set to introduce a wave of virtual reality based casino games, it already feels like we are living in some amazing science fiction future.

Who would have dreamed that it would be possible by the year 2017 to play poker with a pair of goggles on your head, allowing you to occupy a digital space where almost anything was possible? This is the world we live in now, and it seems like it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Meanwhile, real world casinos are also undergoing technological advancements, revolutionising the industry and trying to once again make it a place of awe and wonder. It was the dazzling lights and flashy interior designs that put stars in our eyes previously, so what can be introduced to real world casinos that will bring them into the future and make them as astonishing as online casinos are set to become? Let’s have a look at the online and real world casinos of the future.

Online Casino Advancements

The online casino has come a long way in the last few years. This is largely due to the rapid increase in technology, but also because online gambling has become legal in many new parts of the world. The initial online casino designs were restricted in many ways, and often landed up being more of a chore to access than actually getting in a car and driving to a real world casino. But, with staggeringly fast modern Internet speeds, as well as extremely powerful home and handheld computers, online casinos have leapt into the future with both feet. It is now possible to get instant access to thousands of online casino games, and play them for real money.

So how can online casinos possibly advance further? It seems that any advancement now would simply be window dressing. And this, partly, is the truth of the matter. Online casinos are already perfectly functional, offering casino games that are more or less identical to their real world counterparts, and providing them with extremely convenient reliability. The focus now is on making online casino games that blow players’ minds.

Things such as live streaming are being introduced at many online casinos, which provides a video feed of a real croupier to home players. This in itself is already amazing, but it goes beyond this. Online virtual reality, already mentioned, is set to explode in earnest onto the world in 2017, and the changes this will make to online casino games will certainly blow a few minds.

Real World Casino Advancements

Real world casinos are not going to be left behind, and a number of technological advancements are already being introduced to major casinos around the world. The base level of these advancements promises added convenience and ease of access, such as allowing visitors to control their stays via applications on their phone. This may seem like a small step, but never underestimate the convenience of ordering room service from your mobile phone, and setting a specific time for it to arrive at your room. Without having to get out of bed.

The more extreme evolution of real world casinos points to fully automated services. And, in case you’re wondering what exactly that may mean, we’re talking about a casino that has practically no human staff of any kind. Roulette wheels that spin themselves, triggered by a player interacting with a digital console, and blackjack tables that operate entirely via a digital layout on top of a table.

If you need further explanation; we’re talking about holographic and augmented reality casinos. Feel like you’re in the science fiction future of 80s movies yet? You might comment that removing beautiful, smiling croupiers from casinos is the incorrect way to draw in new customers, but a holographic roulette wheel might be exactly what is needed to start drawing the younger generation into the casino industry. After all, wouldn’t you take a look inside a casino rumoured to be entirely holographic?

In Our Lifetime

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic reality are all technologies in their infancy at the moment, and there is no telling how these amazing new developments will be applied to the casino industry, but the fact that they even exist in the present time is something to be marvelled at. It is the first time in history that technology which seemed fantastical just a decade or two ago is becoming a reality.

How it will all turn out, be implemented, and how well the general public will accept it remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain; the casinos of the future are going to be astonishing places. In the meantime we can enjoy standard or live dealer online roulette, which is still pretty impressive in its own right!