Casino Games That Lost Favour

Casinos have a long history, and have undergone many changes over the years. From their origins as houses of general entertainment in ancient Italy, to the behemoth structures that crowd the skies in modern Vegas; there have been some major evolutionary changes. That’s not to say that the modern casino does not resemble the casinos of old, but simply that casino exteriors have transformed into splendid, architectural wonders that can all but take a person’s breath away.

In general, there are a few games that have remained popular since the very beginning of casinos, standing the test of time. Regardless of what happened to the casino on the outside, the games on the interior endured. At least most of them. Some have lost popularity and all but faded into obscurity, while others have been tweaked and adjusted, leaving previous versions behind to be almost forgotten. Let’s have a look at how casino games have changed, and how old versions have lost popularity.


Poker is a game that boasts phenomenal popularity. There is hardly a person on earth who does not know how to play it. And those that don’t know how to play, or have not played, have probably at least seen others play it. This makes it one of the most recognisable games on the planet, and that is no small achievement for a game that has been around since before the automobile was a blueprint.

The original version of poker was 5 card stud, or 7 card stud, which involved players being dealt 5 or 7 cards, after which they would be allowed to swap out any of their cards for new cards. This version is still popular, and can be played at the vast majority of online casinos, but the game is not as popular as it once was. Texas Hold’Em poker was introduced to players fairly recently, which, although using the same basic rules as 5 card stud poker, has players dealt only 2 cards. Central community cards are used by all players to make the best possible hand.

Since the inception of Texas Hold’Em poker it has become a favourite game in many casinos, drawing players because it is a much faster version of poker, with vastly quicker turnaround times between each hand. It has drawn a number of players away from the old 5 card or 7 card stud versions.


Anyone who is familiar with James Bond knows that baccarat was his game of choice, and not poker, as seen in more recent movies. Baccarat was all the rage back in the day, originally played by nobles in the United Kingdom for obscene amounts of money. Later, when it was adopted by the common folk, it was the central focus of casinos across the country. This popularity endured for hundreds of years, but began to wane gradually into modern times. Bond himself dropped it, after all, for a more widely known game.

Baccarat is still available, and can also still be played at the majority of online casinos, but the game has only a fraction of the popularity it once did. Today it is still widely regarded as the choice game for high rollers, and many casinos have special rooms reserved specifically for baccarat players. In the main areas of casinos, however, there are generally far fewer baccarat tables than roulette tables and blackjack tables.

Wheel Of Fortune

In the early days the Wheel of Fortune was a central part of every casino. A great big wheel, something like a horizontal roulette wheel that spun, and where she stopped, nobody knew. It was generally an oversized wheel on purpose, designed to attract as much attention as possible and gain interest from passers-by. And yes, many real world and online casinos do indeed still use a Wheel of Fortune. But in both cases the device is now used as a gimmick more than anything else, and few venues still have the wheel as an actual game. Players earn tickets for the wheel by playing other games as a bonus prize, and spinning the wheel is seen as an added extra, mostly for entertainment purposes.

Future Games

Since casino games never stop evolving, we are likely to see many more versions of the casino games we know today. Casinos are always coming up with new and interesting games, hopefully the next big thing. Whether this mean completely new games, or variations of existing games, they will be interesting regardless. But who isn’t excited at the idea that there may be an all new casino game that takes the world by storm, never before seen?

As for the already popular casino games, blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and others, they are certainly not likely to be going anywhere any time soon. They may indeed give way to new versions of themselves, perhaps with tweaked rules, but it will be a cold day in hell before there is a casino without a roulette wheel.