Can An Online Casino Be Hacked?

There are many movies that portray hacking as some sort of mystical power, which strange men sporting spectacles can use to crack just about any online system. The men in these movies can gain access to personal details in minutes, and wreak havoc on any unsuspecting victims. Surely the hackers in these movies could gain access to online casinos if they wanted, stealing money and personal details like taking candy from a baby.

But do these movies reflect the reality of hacking, and accurately portray how easy it is to get access to restricted digital systems? Let’s take a look at the world of hacking, and see how easy it would be to really crack an online casino.

Hacking Isn’t Magic

Movies tend to portray hacking as if it is a magic that makes anything possible in the digital world, but it certainly isn’t. Modern digital defense systems are incredibly advanced, and can be said to be all-impossible to crack. Hacking, the kind where a person forces their way into a system, only really works when an overlooked weakness is exposed in a system. And you can bet that there are no flaws in modern digital security.

For this reason hacking is not anywhere near as effective as is shown in movies. It is best that people remember that movies take artistic license with many things, and hacking is one of them. If hacking does occur in modern times, it is normally the fault of a person who has made a mistake, as opposed to any mistakes in the protection software itself.

Online Casino Security

Online casinos use a security system based on encryption, which means that even if information is intercepted or stolen, it is entirely useless unless an encryption code can be guessed. And, a person guessing the encryption could be busy with it for as long as it would take the earth to eventually go crashing into the sun, millions or even billions of years into the future. So, unless a hacker is immortal and has millions of years of time on his hands, he is not going to be cracking any online casino security.

For a bit of perspective; a modern casino security system is about as secure as information and money can be, far more so than a physical place such as Fort Knox. So if you would feel safe having your money in Fort Knox, you should feel much more safe about having your money at an online casino.

There Are Risks

But there are risks that users should be aware of when using an online casino, but this danger is not from hackers stealing money or details. Instead the risks lie in the fact that an account can be accessed with login details, regardless of who may have those login details. The vast majority of theft that occurs at online casinos is due to an account being accessed with login details that have fallen into the wrong hands

Remember that your account is only as secure as your login details, and that a person getting their hands on these details could do some serious harm. Also keep in mind that the casino cannot be held responsible for login details and passwords that are stolen. After all, it is not the fault of the casino, and so the casino cannot be expected to reimburse funds lost in such a manner.

The casino will, however, make every effort to secure the account if you inform them that you believe your login details have been stolen. So be sure to communicate with an online casino, if you should ever suspect that your details have been stolen.

Keep Your Login Details Safe

When making an account at an online casino, the smartest thing to do is not have the login details written down. Rather the information should be memorized, and only exist in the head of the account holder. This does, however, run the risk of the password being forgotten. If the password is forgotten, getting a new password is not a complicated process, but can be an inconvenience.

A trick for creating an easily remembered, but difficult to guess password, is to simply use a common word, but replace letters with numbers. In this way the user need only remember the word, and not a random selection of letters and numbers.

For example the word melon can be turned into me10n, with an added 007 on the end for good measure. So the password would be me10n007. No one would ever think to guess such a random word. And, best of all, as long as the user remembers their password is a fruit, and James Bond, they are very unlikely to ever forget it.

Whichever password you decide to use, remember to keep it safe, secure, and never give it to anyone who asks, regardless of who it may be. The customer support of your casino will never ask for your password.