Biggest Wins In Casino History

Casino games are technically a process of risk versus reward. The player takes a certain risk, and is rewarded depending on the level of the risk, should the wager be a success. Sometimes, the reward is far, far greater than the risk, and that’s part of the beauty of gambling.

The smart way to approach this is via balance, weighing up odds, and never pushing your luck too far. Sometimes, however, a player will take a big risk, and somehow manage to come out on top. And, of course, given the rules of risk versus reward, the payouts tend to be enormous. It true that it may not be often that such a thing occurs, but when it does, the moment generally lands up being immortalised.

Here are three amazing occurrences of a player taking a ridiculous risk, and managing to walk away victorious.

James Bond Defies The Odds

Sean Connery was the first, and many still say the best, James Bond. With his seductive accent, rugged good looks, and calm demeanour, the man was all but born to play the legendary spy. The character of Bond is often caught up in one or another scheme involving gambling, and the super spy will generally overcome enormous odds to come out smelling like roses. And, of course, in a film this is all but expected. But what about in the real world?

A legendary story tells the tale of Sean Connery walking into a casino in Italy, and approaching the roulette table. He put down money on 17 and let the wheel spin. He lost, but placed a second bet on 17. This one also lost. The third bet on 17 was a success, and Connery, against all logic, let the bet ride. It won again. This already is defying insane odds, but Connery let the bit sit a third time. And won. That is defying odds somewhere in region of 50,000 to 1. Thankfully, at this point Connery decided not to test his luck any further, took the money and left.

What’s even more amazing than this? In the film Diamonds Are Forever, Connery did the exact same thing as James Bond, putting money on 17, and somehow managing to win. Maybe consider 17 next time you’re playing online roulette?

A Most Unusual Wager

Sean Connery may have simply run into incredible luck, but this next bet was born from a whole lot of forethought, and an enormous amount of cockiness. David Threlfall, back in 1963, approached he William Hill bookmakers with an outrageous bet; that a man would walk on the moon within seven years.

The bookmakers, of course, thought this was a laughable idea at the time, regardless of the fact that the “space race” had already started, and president JFK had made clear his intention to put a man on the moon. William Hill took the bet, giving the man outrageous odds of 1,000 to 1. David, confident in his scheme, placed down a $10 bet and didn’t look back. If the bet failed, of course, he lost only a tiny investment. If the bet won however, he would be laughing all the way to the bank.

The bet of course did win, and William Hill was forced to payout $10,000 on a $10 bet. Not bad.

Odds Come Crashing Down

A very well known story is that of Patricia Demauro, who seems to have been involved in some sort of physics defying occurrence in 2009, at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. The incident is so outrageous, and is likewise shrouded in so much mystery, that not much is really known about what actually occurred. What is known is that the lady had only played craps one in her life before, but stepped up to the table that faithful day and somehow managed to win 154 times, consecutively.

The though of such a thing occurring is beyond any sort of rational logic, into the realm of the completely absurd. But, it did happen. Many questions can be raised as to how the events unfolded, such as why the lady decided to simply keep rolling, and as to why the casino didn’t call a halt to the whole thing, assuming that some sort of cheating was going on. But, again, it did happen.

Some have suggested that some sort of trickery was involved, and perhaps the whole thing was some sort of publicity stunt. But, it should be kept in mind, that probability is a strange animal, and it is not at all impossible for such a thing to occur, just incredibly unlikely.

Either way, it isn’t known how much Patricia won on her insane spree of luck, but the winnings were likely somewhere in the $100,000 range, even if only a small initial bet was put down. It also isn’t known exactly how the casino reacted to such a thing happening, but one can only imagine that authorities must have ripped the table and dice apart, searching for some sort of trickery. Patricia, on the other hand, must have gone home feeling like she had been touched by Lady Luck – 154 times in a row!