Best Online Casino Games For Beginners

It seems like everyone is getting involved in the online casino world, and getting wrapped up in all sorts of fun and interesting looking games. But, maybe you’re one of those who have not yet dipped your toe into this crazy new world. It all seems rather bewildering from the outside; people logging into virtual worlds, and playing casino games online. It’s like some science fiction future brought to life.

But it’s never too later to get involved, and even someone who is not familiar with the online world at all can quickly jump in and start playing. It just so happens that online casinos are extremely user friendly, and even someone who isn’t savvy with technology can do just fine. You don’t even have to have played casino games before.

Here are some of the best online casino games for those that are unfamiliar with the online world, or casino games.

Slots Games

Everyone knows slots games, even if they haven’t played one before. They are extremely well known around the world, and in fact are still the most commonly played game in any casino on the planet, real world or online. One of the best things about slot games is that they are so easy to start playing, requiring almost no practice at all.

Very simply; a player makes an upfront bet, after which the symbols on the reels are set into motion. Upon the reels stopping, any matching sequences made with the symbols results in a payout. Essentially, slot games are a straight test of luck. There is nothing the player can do to alter the results of the reels. Instead, the player must decide to raise or lower the bet in advance, which will determine how much is given in payouts, for matching sequences created.

As far as casino games go, there are few games that are so easy, so much fun, and also give the chance to win good amounts of cash. Slot games are perfect for beginner players, and will work on just about any electronic device that has an Internet connection. Start here before going on to more complicated games.


For those who want to move on to something a bit more complicated, but still easy to pick up roulette is probably the next step. Roulette is a deceptively simple game on the surface, but gets very interesting the longer you play it.

The basic concept of roulette is that the wheel spins, and white ball is dropped into the wheel. Whichever pocket the white ball settles in determines which bets are going to be paid out. At first glance, it may seem like roulette is about being incredibly lucky. That is, until you realize that roulette allows a variety of many betting options, offering many chances at winning.

Study the betting table, make sense of the layout, and it quickly becomes clear that winning at roulette is not so difficult as it first seems. Importantly, a player is allowed to place as many bets as they wish. Hence; a person who places smart bets has a very good chance of walking away with at least some cash, if not a huge heap of it. Remember; different bets pay out different amounts.


There are two very interesting aspects to keep in mind when talking about the game of baccarat. The first is that there are only three bets a player can make; house, player, or tie. The second is that even those not directly playing the game are allowed to bet, making baccarat a very social experience. Don’t worry though, like slot games there is nothing the player can do to alter the outcome. The game instead is about predicting what that outcome will be.

At its core baccarat is about a hand getting as close to 9 as possible. This goes for both the player and the house, with one the result possibly being a tie. The player hand will be dealt, then the house hound, and a winner declared. Very simply; guess what the outcome will be.

Baccarat is great in that it allows players to be social with one another, and is also extremely easy to pick up. It is a great beginner game, not as complicated as roulette, but with more options than slot games. As far as beginners go, it could be called an intermediate casino game experience.


Finally, blackjack is for those who like to challenge themselves, and enjoy their brains being teased. Blackjack is a casino game that is very much based around skill, but is certainly easy to get started with. A beginner should wet their appetite with some of the easier games mentioned above, but blackjack is a good game to work towards. In other words; blackjack is for those who have decided that they want to take things to the next level.

Whichever game you decide on, good luck!