Best Mobile Banking Methods

best casino banking methodsBanking is one of the most important features of any mobile casino. Having the ability to make instant, secure casino deposits, is a must for any player. Before you sign up with a mobile casino, you should first check out the banking options available.

Over the past 10 years, online banking technology has evolved to such a point where almost anyone can make a payment online, even if you don’t have an active bank account. There are so many ways to make a deposit and to cash out online, and there are several tried and trusted options that are relied on by players at Cabaret Club to facilitate safe real money play. State of the art encryption technology has come a long way, and the best mobile banking methods all boast iron-clad, impenetrable software features that are designed to keep your money safe and your confidential details completely private.

We are going to look at some of the best mobile banking methods for both depositing and cashing out so that when you play real money casino games, you can do so with absolute confidence and complete peace of mind.

Credit Cards

Any casino worth its salt will offer a full range of banking options for players to choose from. If you haven’t noticed yet, the number 1 accepted form of payment at any casino is the credit card. There is actually a good reason for this. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted at almost every business whether it be online or land-based. Credit card payments are instant, secure and backed by major banking institutions. You can also cash out your winnings directly into your credit card. But not everyone has a credit card.

Debit Cards

This leads us to our next payment option, the debit card. Visa Electron and the Maestro debit cards can be used in exactly the same way as credit cards. The only difference is that they don’t have a credit facility. Most players have a debit card for daily use which is why it debit card deposits are so handy. In terms of convenience, they offer instant payment and cashouts directly into the debit card account. What if you don’t have a debit card that can you can use online?

Direct Bank Transfer

Not to worry, there are loads of different options for players who don’t have a debit or credit card. The easiest option is to simply do a direct bank transfer via internet banking. This simply involves going onto internet banking and making a payment into the casino’s account. Since most players have internet banking facilities, it is a simple, easy option. You can also cash out your winnings directly into your bank account. The only downside is the time it takes to process the transaction. Internet transfers can take from 2 up to 5 days to process. Can we speed this up?

E-Check Services

The good news is that you can still use internet banking and make instant deposits at the same time. How you ask? By using an E-check service. This is a third-party payment service that acts like a middleman for payments between players and the casino itself. For a small fee, the E-check facility will debit your funds and credit the casino account in real time without a delay. It might cost a little more but your funds will reflect straight away which means you can get playing right there and then.

Web Wallet Payments

Some players want to remain anonymous online especially if they are making multiple payments to multiple casinos. If it is a question of security or anonymity, the best option is to pay using a web-wallet payment system. Web wallets are incredibly popular with online casinos and can be used to make instant payments and for cashing out. With web wallets, players simply sign up for a free web wallet account. They can then transfer funds into their account by debit card, local bank transfer, or any other payment method convenient to them.

Once they have funds in their web wallet account, they can then make instant mobile casino deposits at any time without exposing their banking details to the casino itself. Some web wallets offer an ATM card linked to their account. Players can then cashout their winnings directly into their web wallet account and then withdraw the cash at any ATM in the area.

Alternative Banking Options

As technology evolves, so too does online banking, and cryptocurrency is emerging as a hot new banking trend. Virtual money may change the online gaming landscape and add something new to the mix, but until this type of transaction is wholly regulated it does come with some risk, and is not readily accepted. Although it’s too early to say whether reputable online casinos will accept Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies going forward, we could see a wave of other new ways to pay emerging in the future!