Are VR Casino Games The Future?

Don’t look now but the world is undergoing another gaming revolution. The first virtual reality headsets have hit the market, and they’re already changing the way people think about digital games. It makes sense that fans of modern video games are excited about this advancement, given that standing in an alien landscape, able to look around at its weird landscapes stretching off as far as the eye can see, is a great deal more immersive than looking at it on a television screen. So in this regard VR certainly seems to be the way of the future.

But is VR gaming the way of the future for casino games, and are casino games destined to adopt VR technology? Will it be possible that one day you would be able to enjoy your favourite progressive jackpot slots game without a pair of goggles on your head? Some may scoff at the mere mention of such a thing, but it might not be so far fetched as you think. Online casinos are, after all, are already being mentioned as possible pioneers of virtual reality technology.

Real VR Benefits

If you aren’t already impressed by VR technology, it’s likely because you haven’t experienced it yet. Modern VR is so good that a person can easily get lost in it, and if you haven’t already seen the YouTube videos of people freaking out while wearing a pair of VR goggles, do yourself a favour and check them out now. VR is an amazing thing, and your brain can start thinking that the digital landscape is a real one.

But how exactly will this make casino games better? After all, isn’t a game of poker just a simple card game? How will feeling like you’re actually at a poker table, playing with real people, make much of a difference to the game itself?

The truth is that VR isn’t that much of an overall benefit as far as game play and functionality mechanics go. There is arguably nothing that a game can’t do without VR, meaning that some might write it off as a gimmick. That is to say; a game would still be the exact same game without a VR headset. So why bother with it in the first place?

The real, tangible benefit of VR is that it creates immersion on an unprecedented level. We already mentioned people freaking out while wearing VR goggles, and this really is just the tip of the iceberg. VR is still a very young technology, and you can guarantee that the more it is advanced, the more incredible the VR experience will become. So, does this translate to casino games?

VR Casino Game Reality

Yes, you could play a game of online poker just as easily on a smart phone as you could with a pair of top end VR goggles. But only with the VR goggles will you ever start to feel like you are truly sitting at a table, playing in a fantasyland casino on the moon. And we don’t just mean it will look like you are there, and put a little smile on your face. VR is so good that you will start to feel like you are there. And this is an experience that many people are going to want.

Will it become the accepted norm, to such an extent that there will be no such thing as casino games without VR? Probably not. At least not any time soon. As we said, VR is a young technology, and young technologies are expensive. There is a long way to go before a set of VR goggles sits in every living room in the world, and even then, it stands to reason that there will be occasions when a person is not going to feel like strapping a device to their head in order to play a few rounds of poker. And lest we forget, taking out your phone to play a game while waiting in queue at the bank will be a great deal more awkward if you have to use a VR headset.

So Are VR Casino Games The Future?

Yes and no. There is no question that online casinos are going to adopt VR technology, and that many people are going to use that technology. But thinking that VR will replace the current style of online casino games completely is a bit ambitious.

VR is an amazing technology, there is no doubt, but many everyday games are going to get along just fine without it. At the most it is likely that most games will have a VR version, but also a non-VR version. And when the time does come that VR poker is an accepted online possibility, you can be sure that we’ll be first in line to test it out, and let you know if it’s worth your time.