7 Blackjack Strategies to Steer Clear Of

Blackjack is one of the more popular casino games at land based casinos and online. While it appears to be rather simple, there is a strategy that is used to increase winning chances but this is based on basic mathematics and works by comparing your cards to the dealer’s face up card.

There are however many strategies around that don’t actually help at all. Strategies that promise success may have worked for some but that doesn’t mean they are sound. Here are seven strategies that simply don’t work.

Always Taking the Insurance Bet

Taking insurance is when a bet is placed on the chance that the dealer’s hole card is a value of ten. While the insurance bet looks like a good way to prevent great loss, it is designed to pay two to one but the odds are pretty bad at nine to four which essentially means the house edge is increased when it is taken.

Taking Insurance on a Good Hand

Many believe insurance is good when holding a good hand because they don’t want the dealer to beat it. The chances are however, the same as those listed above so with four out of nine chances of the dealer having a ten, it’s not a great idea to risk the insurance bet.

Using the Martingale System

This is a system well known and used for its basic premise. In principal it has potential because it requires you to double your bets after a loss. At some point the theory is that a win will occur landing a huge profit and making up for the losses.

In truth, a win is never guaranteed. This is why small wins may occur but never anything steady or hugely substantial.

The Reverse Martingale System

The same can be said for the Reverse Martingale System, which is where bets are doubled after a win while on a winning streak. Winning streaks don’t last so there is the downside of losing it all when a loss occurs.

All Types of Progressive Systems

There are quite a number of progressive betting systems that claim to make your blackjack experience a successful one. Some have been more fruitful than others, but all they really do is increase your chances of losing your bankroll.

Progressive systems promise to recoup losses because bets become larger and wins must come in but since there is never a guarantee, small wins may bring tidy profits but there is also a huge change that everything can be lost.

The Never Go Bust System

Blackjack is designed for the player to play before the dealer, which means if they go bust, the dealer wins. Some players play on the theory that they have better chances by never going bust. In order to do this they must stick on a hard 12 or higher.

What makes this system a bad one is the fact that you have nine cards, ace through nine, which can make your hand valued at 12 a winning one and only four cards that make you go bust. This means the chances are much higher of winning regardless of what the dealer holds.

Mimicking the Dealer’s Play

Mimicking the dealer by hitting or sticking on a soft 17 is never a good idea because much like the never go bust system, this increases the house edge because the player plays before the dealer. A dealer sticking on a soft 17 is beneficial when the player hits, so mimicking the dealer doesn’t work.