Origin of Instant Win Games

While instant win games are found in online and offline casinos in various forms today, they originate from all over the world. They all have distinct lottery-like elements about them. Interestingly, they have all been successfully used for fund-raising in the past. Many still are, though when you enjoy instant win games at an online … Continue reading Origin of Instant Win Games

Best Mobile Banking Methods

Banking is one of the most important features of any mobile casino. Having the ability to make instant, secure casino deposits, is a must for any player. Before you sign up with a mobile casino, you should first check out the banking options available. Over the past 10 years, online banking technology has evolved to … Continue reading Best Mobile Banking Methods

Origins of Casinos

Gambling is among the oldest pastimes in the world, and drawing lots is even mentioned in the Bible. There are also official records in China dating back to 2300 BC, and is believed by many to be much older than this. In fact, gambling may have been present in almost every human society throughout known … Continue reading Origins of Casinos

Top 5 Casino War Tips

Casino War is a simple high card game, and has proven popular at online and mobile casinos all over the world. The fast-paced game started off as child’s amusement, but was adapted for play in casinos in 1993 and has really taken off since then. Casino War relies almost entirely on chance, and you need … Continue reading Top 5 Casino War Tips

Introducing 243 Ways of Winning

There are many different online slots available, each with their own unique layouts and ways of winning. While traditionally slot games used the matching row of anything between three and five, or sometimes more, symbols in order to land a winning combination, more and more slots are appearing that offer other winning mechanisms. This includes … Continue reading Introducing 243 Ways of Winning

Is Playing the Lottery Gambling?

In most cases what is and isn’t gambling is pretty much cut and dry, with little room for interpretation. But, one game that some still openly debate as gambling is the national lottery. Is or isn’t the national lottery gambling? By definition, the lottery is indeed gambling. It is, after all, putting down money with … Continue reading Is Playing the Lottery Gambling?

Offbeat Betting Strategy

Unfortunately for friends, my family, and myself I am a very cynical person. I trust in reason to get me through life and nowhere is that more applicable than with my gambling strategies. I am not on to go for strategies that claim to make you a winner. That said, every now and again I … Continue reading Offbeat Betting Strategy